American Idol hopeful is robbed at school appearance

Todrick Hall was a top 20 contestant in the 2010 Season of American Idol

The 2010 season of American Idol featured a lot of memorable moments. Before Lee Dewyze was crowned as that year’s winner, edging out Crystal Bowersox, America was treated to good looking blonde guitarist Casey James, the soaring notes of Siobhan Magnus, Andrew Garcia’s unforgettable take on Paul Abdul’s song “Straight Up”, and even 62-year-old Larry Platt singing his viral hit “Pants On The Ground.” Todrick Hall, the 24-year-old contestant from Arlington Texas, made it to the top 20, but did not make it up to the final twelve in the competition. But he has been using his notoriety from the show, along with his singing talent, to further his career.

Hall was appearing at Hazard Elementary School in Santa Ana on Thursday performing with others at the principal’s retirement party.After the show, Hall stayed to sign autographs and pose for pictures with students, and casually set his wallet down, which also held his iPhone 5, along with cash, credit cards and his ID. At 2:45, he noticed it was missing.

Hall was appearing at a celebration at Hazard Elementary School in Santa Ana

This was not the first time Hall had lost an iPhone to an apparent thief, so he had installed a Find My iPhone app, which allows the owner to locate it using GPS technology. According to the Santa Ana police, he and a school security officer tracked the missing phone all the way to a grocery store near Harbor Bl. and Garden Grove Bl., about 2 miles from the school.

At the store, the pair recognized a student from the school, and began talking to him. The boy’s mother, Bertha Avalos, saw them and, as they reported, she suddenly turned and walked towards the back of the store. Hall and the guard quickly followed her, and confronted her. She gave them the wallet, which contained the phone and at least $400 in cash.

Bertha Avalos thought she could get away with Hall's wallet while he was distracted meeting kids at the school.

Hall and the security officer returned to the school, where  they contacted Santa Ana police. Hall stated that he wanted to press charges, and Avalos was subsequently arrested at her home, and booked at the Santa Ana Police Department on charges of Grand Theft.

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