"Poor Morals" Leads to Arrest for Embezzlement, Grand Theft and Conspiracy

Roseville- On Wednesday a couple were both arrested for embezzlement of over $173,000 from a youth soccer club.

Heather Jo Sanford, 40

Heather Sanford, 40 and Christopher Sanford, 40 of Carmichael were charged with embezzlement of the club’s funds by writing checks and using the debit card under the soccer club account for personal use. They are also formally charged with grand theft and conspiracy.

Christopher Sanford, 40

Heather, the club’s treasurer also withdrew unauthorized cash from the account. She had written the checks to her husband.

“These kind of things are very tough on the families and players and takes someone with pretty poor morals to do that kind of thing,” said soccer dad Tim Gruetert.

“You reap what you sow” comes into play here as their bail has also been set at the $173,000 marker.

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