Three suspects nabbed in a pair of Auburn thefts

Three suspects nabbed in a pair of Auburn thefts

Reports came in from Auburn on May 23 about two thefts occurred, both caught on surveillance cameras.

First, an Acer Chromebook was taken off of a front porch and the deed was captured on a Nest camera.

Next, a bicycle was stolen from the Raley’s parking lot on Lincoln Way. This theft was also captured on video surveillance.

A deputy, after viewing the footage, recognized the vehicle as one he had contacted previously.

Deputies then went to the house of the vehicle’s registered owner in Foresthill.  The man who answered the door was the man seen in the videos of both thefts.

After first giving a fictitiou sname, 28-year-old Alexander Childs, a parolee at large, was detained as a search began.

Childs had fake $20 bills in his wallet, and the stolen Chromebook and bicycle at the residence.

41-year-old Jacob Jauregui was the driver in these incidents, and 29-year-old Ashley Rosa concealed the property in her home.

The Facebook press release concludes, “All three suspects were arrested and charged with receiving stolen property, conspiracy, auto theft and petty theft. Childs was also charged with providing false identification to a peace officer, making/passing counterfeit bills and violation of parole.”

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