The "Vics" all said it was a Maroon

The victims all said it was a maroon-colored, four door vehicle. A guy comes up and swipes your smart phone, then  jumps into the maroon. Happened on April 4 at 10:12 a.m., by the GlenPark Bart; vic got a partial plate number. Happened on the same day, 4:19 p.m. around Folsom and the Embarcero. Vic got a partial plate number.

Edwin Tobie Arrest Photo

Two hours later cops see the maroon cruising through the depths of Tenderloin, flash thewrack, and when disrespected give chase; the perp-susps crash the maroon at Herman andSteiner: Otherwise known and described in police parlance as the“termination point of the pursuit.” No injuries were reported.
Inside the maroon, damning evidence. Presumably phones but police won’t say. Were the phones still turned on? We don’t know.  Had an effort been made to use a bank app to access an account and transfer cash?  We don’t know. Were either of the gentlemen involved aware of how GPS works? We don’t know.

Ernest Evans Arrest Photo

Perp-susps were Edwin Tobie, 19 and Ernest Evans, 20. Both from Bagdad-By-The-Bay. The two were cuffed, booked, and put behind bars. They were charged with robbery, conspiracy,possession of stolen property and other charges.  SFPD media spokesperson says, “We’re asking the public to report other similar incidents involving a maroon-colored, four door car.”
It’s not clear whether Edwin Tobie and Earnst Evans are the same Edwin Tobie and Earnest Evans, also from San Francisco, and about the same age, who were arrested in connection with two attempted residential burglaries in Vallejo on July 3rd of last year.   In that case perp-susps were in a tan Chrysler.
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