Party at Apartment Complex Turns Violent

Two men were stabbed early Friday morning during a party at the Nord Garden Apartments.  Just after midnight, Chico police were called for a party complaint. When they arrived, many of the partygoers scattered.

Stabbing occurred here at Nord Gardens

Additional officers responded to apprehend some of the fleeing guests, some of whom directed their attention to the injured duo.

During the confusion a vehicle left the area at a high rate of speed.  Police pursued the black and red Suburban and subsequently detained its occupants at the corner of Eight Avenue and Greenwich Drive. One of the passengers in the Suburban was later identified as a suspect in the stabbings.

Alexander Sanchez, 22, was arrested for his participation in the stabbing.  20-year-old Christian Nava was also arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.  Nava had the misfortune of being a stabbing victim as well.  The names of additional victims have not been released.

The Chico police’s preliminary investigation suggests that this is a gang-related incident.

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