Woman Steals Car from Dealership

MONTEREY—A woman walked into the Mercedes dealership on Fremont Street and asked to look at a Black 2014 SL63 AMG Mercedes-Benz.  She later handed the sales person a check for $40,000 and a short while later drove off in the $161,000 luxury vehicle.  It was then discovered that her purported identification and check were fake.

SL63 AMG Mercedes Benz

“As of today we still don’t know what the woman was wearing when she came into the dealership,” Monterey Police Lieutenant Leslie Sonne said. “You would think she was well dressed in order to pull-off a crime like this.”

The information the woman used to obtain the vehicle was ‘stolen’ and the check was a bad check, although the account was a real account and there was money in the account to cover the check.

“As of this point we don’t know any particulars about the check, only that check was not from the account,” Lieutenant Leslie Sonne stated.  “We are uncertain as to whether or not it was written out or typed.”

The dealership handled the transaction like any other transaction. They even verified that the funds were in the account before letting her drive off in the car.  The Monterey Police Department is now investigating this incident and trying to come up with leads in this case.

Police have determined that this was a group of professional thieves that perpetrated this crime. Police also believe that the car is probably in another country by now.

Police also suspect that the woman targeted this particular dealership because she had contacted the dealership over the Internet and asked if the vehicle was on the showroom floor.

“We have no comment about this incident at this time, you must go through the police,” Stahl Motor Company’s Finance Manager Paul Mattingly said.

This case is still a very active investigation and the Monterey Police Department is encouraging anyone with information regarding this incident to call the police Department at 831-6463840.

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