Juveniles Arrested in Vandalism Case

Estimated property damages at $50,000

SOQUEL—Investigators with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department have made two arrests in the February 4 vandalism incident in the City of Soquel.  Authorities determined that a 16-year-old and a 15-year-old, both from Soquel, were responsible for the 89 counts of vandalism.

Authorities collected a large amount of evidence in the past weeks since the incident occurred.  Investigators sifted over surveillance video, witness statements and even used social media to come up with the suspects in this case.  During the interview process the two suspects wrote confessions to their parts in the case.

“It seemed like the two just wanted to have some fun,” Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Deputy April Skalland said. “But it quickly got out of hand and escalated into more mischievous deeds.”

Residents in the area of Orchard Street awoke on February 4 to find that their vehicles tires had been slashed.  Estimated cost to some residents to replace the damage tires ranged $200 up to $900.

The two juveniles were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and slashing hundreds of tires in the Soquel neighborhood. The two teens also went as far as to throw a large rock off a freeway overpass.

The large rock struck a vehicle and nearly hit the adult female driver in the head as it crashed through the windshield.  The vehicle crashed a short time later. The driver was traumatized but not injured.

Authorities estimate that the property damage will exceed $50,000. Their parents will be responsible for the debt if the teens are found guilty.

“The case went to the District Attorney’s Office’s and they are looking into whether they will be charged the teens as juveniles or adults,” Deputy Skalland added. “The two were on probation at the time of the incident.”

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff Office is asking anyone with information about this case to call the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Department at 1-831-454-2440 or their tip line at 1-831-454-2847.

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