Sleeping burglar arrested in stolen car

IRVINE – Irvine police officers arrested 18-year-old Brent Michael Brodie while he slept in a stolen vehicle on Tuesday morning.

Brent Michael Brodie was sleeping Tuesday morning when he was arrested

A resident reported a suspicious vehicle parked in the neighborhood, according to a press release from Irvine PD. Officers responding to the call at 7 am found Brodie asleep in the car, which turned out to be a reported stolen car. Items found in the car linked Brodie to five residential burglaries in the past month, in addition to another stolen vehicle. The burglaries he is suspected of were in south Irvine and Newport Beach. It appeared that Bordie , who lists his residence as north-east Irvine, may have been living out of his car at the time of his arrest.

Investigators believe that Brodie would try to find out if a house was empty, and then enter through an unlocked ground floor window. In addition to stealing valuables from the homes, he would search for car keys, which allowed him to steal the cars without forcible  entry.

Detectives recovered stolen property that still needs to be identified. It is possible that Brodie committed more than the 5 identifiable burglaries he is currently charged with. Laptop computers, designer handbags and jewelry, and even a solid gold watch, possibly worth $20,000 or more, are among the items recovered from Brodie.

The Irvine police ask anyone with any additional information, or who believes they may be a victim of the burglaries, to contact the department at 949-724-7200. Irvine PD Spokesperson Lieutenant Julia Engven would also like to remind the community of the value in reporting any suspicious activity. Without the initial reports, Brodie may still be at work today on the next victim.

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