Convicted Rapist on the Run Arrested, his Family Charged as Accessories

FRESNO – Spencer Scarber, 20, is behind bars after authorities captured him in Mexico after he tried to flee his rape trial.

Spencer Scarber

Scarber’s parents and sister were also arrested for helping him run, but have since bailed out of jail.

Kyle Scarber, father

Scarber, 20, had been on the run since the middle of December, only a few days before a Fresno County jury declared him guilty on two counts of rape, as well as on robbery and burglary charges for the July 2011 rape of a 35-year-old woman in Squaw Valley.

Scarber fled the U.S. in the middle of his trial, lightened his hair, grew a goatee, and was living under an alias when was arrested in Acapulco by Mexican authorities for possessing false identification and using a false name. The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office learned of his arrest and had him taken to Mexico City and then Los Angeles, where deputies met him and brought him back to Fresno. He is now being held without bail while he awaits his sentencing.

Scarber’s family is also in legal trouble for allegedly helping him in his escape attempt. Authorities arrested his father Kyle Scarber, 49, a CHP assistant chief, his mother Gail Scarber, 51, and sister Crystal Reynoso, 33. All three have been charged with felony conspiracy to help a fugitive escape.

Gail Scarber, mother

In addition, Gail Scarber is charged with being an accessory, possession of a false birth certificate and passport, forgery and false impersonation of another person. Crystal Reynoso is charged with being an accessory and driving with a suspended license. Kyle Scarber is charged with being an accessory and filing a false police report. All three bailed out of jail on Sunday.

Prosecutors say Spencer Scarber’s mother and daughter drove him across the U.S. border into Mexico and walked back into the U.S. using their passports.

Crystal Reynoso, sister

The judge in Scarber’s case delayed his sentencing because of Scarber’s absence from court. Scarber faces up to 70 years in state prison.

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