Man drinking in his car leads to domestic violence and other charges

Christopher Chiquillo

Christopher Chiquillo wasn’t paying attention.  On Monday,  February 11,  he pulled up to a red light at the intersection of 3rd Street and Oakdale, in The Bayview district of San Francisco, just down from the Old Skool Café.  He was in his four-door, silver VW and while waiting for the green light pulled out an “alcoholic beverage” and took a drink.

He didn’t notice the two uniformed officers in an unmarked police car next to him.  He didn’t see them, but they saw him and promptly pulled him over only to find that Mr. Chiquillo, 19, did not possess a valid driver’s license.  And then while searching him, before taking him to the Bayview station, officers found several rounds of ammunition and a silver handgun.

Investigators shortly learned that the previous day, shortly after midnight, on the 1200 block of Hampshire Street in the Mission District, Chiquillo had been involved in a domestic violence incident.

As SFPD officer Albie Esparza puts it, “The suspect got into an altercation with his significant other and during that altercation produced a weapon, which he discharged.”

Chiquillo didn't know he was being watched as he took another sip at this intersection

Officer Esparaza will not say that the suspect fired at his significant other, a woman, but Chiquillo has been charged with possession of a prohibited weapon, domestic violence, traffic violation and attempted murder.

Although the number of reported incidents of domestic violence in San Francisco has gone down slightly in recent years, a new report by the DA’s office finds that the number of cases going to trial has increased from 27 trials in 2007 to 49 in 2012.  Moreover, the average number of domestic violence cases handled by SFDA each month during the same period has jumped from 155 to 268.

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