GPS helps locate car-jacking suspect

Palmdale–A suspect is in custody after a Palmdale woman and her child were carjacked at knifepoint in an AM/PM parking lot on February 11th. Over two hours after the initial robbery, the LASD arrested 21-year-old Dillon McCloud of Palmdale after an extended car chase.

According to an LASD press release, McCloud stole approached the victims’ 2005 Pontiac with a knife around 5:30 PM. The victims were able to escape the vehicle in time before McCloud drove away. Two hours after the woman reported the car stolen, LASD deputies located the vehicle in the area of 50th Street West and Avenue through the car’s GPS tracker.

A spike strip stopped the carjacker after a chase that led to Bouquet Canyon and Vazquez Canyon Roads

When McCloud noticed the LASD’s presence, he began to weave in and out of traffic an failed to slow down when deputies tried to pull him over. As the pursuit continued , deputies were joined by an LASD helicopter to help monitor McCloud as he increased his speed and blew through stop signs in the Quartz Hill area.

Police followed McCloud for over 20 miles as headed southbound on Godde Hill and Bouquet Canyon Road. The vehicle was finally stopped when he blew out his tire on a spike strip set by deputies after they anticipated his arrival at the bottom of Bouquet Canyon and Vazquez Canyon Road. McCloud fled the vehicle on foot and was eventually apprehended in a residential backyard on the 21000 block of Aliminos Drive in Saugus.

McCloud was booked at the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station for carjacking and is being held on $100,000 bail. His arraignment was set for February 13th at the Antelope Valley Court House.

The LASD was not available for comment.

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