Victim Escapes Kidnappers – Azusa Police Seek Information

Victim Escapes Kidnappers – Azusa Police Seek Information

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AZUSA – Police detectives urgently seek your help regarding a kidnapping attempt that took place on Sunday, August 13, 2017 at approximately 2:45 AM at the 200 block of E. First Street.

A lone female was standing on the sidewalk waiting for a ride and noticed a vehicle approach and stop. Then a male passenger exited the van and forced her into the back seat. The victim was able to fight off the kidnapper and exit the van as it began to leave the scene. The van is described as a black minivan, similar to a Nissan Quest. Three males – a driver, front seat passenger and back seat passenger – all had their faces covered.

Sgt. Robert Chivas added, “This crime occurred near some gas stations which are frequented heavily in the night time hours, by travelers on the I-210 freeway.”

Sgt. Chivas provided the following tips: Don’t Become A Kidnapping Victim –
We want you to be safe when you are in public, regardless of where you may be located. Please review these tips with your loved ones to help keep you safe:
• During hours of darkness, stay in well-lit areas
• Have a friend or family member with you
• Make eye contact with everyone in close proximity. You want to send a message to potential attackers that you are alert and that you can describe the suspect to the police
• IT CAN WAIT. Avoid using your mobile device when you are not familiar of your surroundings, or those people in close proximity
• If you are physically attacked, scream or yell as loud as possible, and fight your attacker. You want to draw as much attention to the suspect, which is definitely not what they want
• Remember as much as you can about the suspects and their vehicle
• Call 911. Do not call family members, friends, or co-workers before calling the police. You will only delay our response and the possible apprehension of your attackers.
• If you are a juvenile, do not talk with strangers, or reveal anything personal.

Anyone with information about the suspects, the crime, or the suspect vehicle is urged to contact Sergeant Robert Chivas, Azusa PD Detective Bureau, at (626) 812-3200.

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