Vacaville trio leaves chaos in their wake

Vacaville – On Monday afternoon three Vacaville residents, Phillip J. Sisco 21, Darian Alan Gentry and Brad Larsen, both 19, were arrested for felony burglary and vandalism. Larsen and Sisco were also charged with defacing property and Sisco for violation of parole, all felony charges.

Cars parked along Arcadia Drive were damaged at the beginning of the escapade

The suspects had a busy evening on Sunday, January 20, leaving a series of overturned trash cans, broken windows, vandalized vehicles and stolen property. They appear to have started out in the 500-600 blocks of Arcadia Drive, damaging the side mirrors and windshields of at least three vehicles. Police were called to the scene at approximately 11:30 p.m. Damage is currently estimated at close to $2000.00.

Shortly thereafter police were called to Sam’s Club, where employees stated that three subjects had broken into the store. It was closed at the time but there were still employees working onsite. They reported the three subjects had overturned trash cans, kicked at a door and eventually used a shopping cart to break the door’s glass panel. They entered, ran through the building, and when they left were seen carrying three bottles of hard liquor.

They were then seen headed in the direction of the Outlet stores. In their wake they left overturned garbage cans and trash strewn across three lanes of Burton Drive. Public Works was called out to clear the street.

Trash cans along Burton drive were overturned, leaving garbage all over the street

Another garbage can was ripped away from a Nut Tree Road bus stop and overturned, and the glass door to an office building was shattered. At this time it does not appear that the suspects entered the office building.

Near the bus stop police spoke to three suspects who denied any involvement. Later, through studying video surveillance tapes, it was ascertained that these three the police had stopped were in fact the same three who had broken into and stolen property from Sam’s Club. They were then located, arrested and booked into Solano County Jail.

Anyone with information about the Sam’s Club burglary or the vandalism of vehicles described here, is asked to contact the Vacaville Police Department at (707) 449-5200 and refer to case 13-0469.

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