Suspect Tries to Rob House with Resident Inside

A man is in custody after he was caught inside a woman’s home allegedly attempting to rob it on Friday.

Conor Sullivan

According to San Luis Obispo Police, a female resident in the 800 block of Boysen Street was asleep on a downstairs couch when she heard the front door to her apartment open about 1:16 a.m. The woman immediately called 911.

Officers say they arrived moments later and found the front door to her apartment open.

The officers say they spotted a burglar in the downstairs area of the apartment with a laptop computer in his hand.

The burglar, according to SLOPD, was identified as Conor Sullivan, 22, of SLO. Sullivan was taken into custody without incident.

During the investigation the officers learned when they caught Sullivan in the victim’s apartment it was actually his second trip into the apartment that morning to steal more property.

Sullivan told the police he found a key to the victim’s apartment about two months ago in the parking lot. Sullivan said he used the key to enter the locked apartment.

All of the property that Sullivan stole was recovered from his apartment which was two doors away from the victim’s apartment.

Sullivan was arrested for burglary and was booked at the county jail. Sullivan’s bail is $50,000.

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