Oakdale Father Hosts Daughter's Friends, Accused of Raping Guest

Timothy Lyman

Oakdale- An Oakdale man was arrested for providing alcohol to minors and later raping a 16-year-old guest at his daughter’s sleepover in his home.

Timothy Lyman, 44, of Oakdale was arrested on Monday on the charge of forcible sex with a minor. He was later booked into the Stanislaus County jail with bail set at $100,000.

On the night of December 27th, Lyman was hosting an after Christmas sleepover party at his house for his daughter and a few of her friend’s from soccer. Police say that at the party, Lyman consumed alcohol and served alcohol to the minors.

The victim told investigators that she had been drinking at the party. She said she later passed out in one of the bedrooms and later woke up in the middle of the night to find Lyman raping her.

Police say Lyman went too far when he hosted a party for teenagers at his home and served them alcohol. “He’s supposed to be in charge of the whole group, and he starts drinking too,” says Oakdale Police Chief Lester Jenkins.

Once police interviewed Lyman, he insisted that he did not expect the rape to happen and believed alcohol was a contributing factor to the incident. He also admitted that he was drunk the night of the rape and did not deny the incident.

Police say Lyman could face additional charges, including those for providing alcohol to minors. Police say this incident is a good example of why adults should never serve alcohol to minors, even in their own homes.

“He seems like a good person, you would not expect something like that from someone like him,” says Lyman’s neighbor Paula Castro. “They’re pretty cool. Lyman gets along with his daughter nice, like a father would.”

Officers are still investigating this incident and looking for other cases that might have come unnoticed.  “I don’t anticipate additional victims, but it’s always possible in the next couple of days there could be others,” says Chief Jenkins.

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