After Stabbing Youth, Man Drives SUV into Modesto Home

A man suspected of stabbing a boy and then smashing his SUV into a house Tuesday located on Gemini Court in Modesto was shot and killed by police as shocked neighbors watched the scene unfold. Witnesses said the man, identified as Randy Lynn Sheffield, came walking out of his house holding a kitchen knife in each hand. He then threw one knife towards his girlfriend but missed, according to the report. The women’s son got into the fray at that point, said police, jumping on top of the man and pushing him to the ground, getting stabbed in the arm in the process.

Gemini Court

While neighbors contacted 911, witnesses helped the boy off the ground and the man walked back to his home across the street, got into his Tahoe and started the engine. He sat there about a minute, the report said, until officers drove around the corner into the court. One officer got out of his car, gun drawn, and headed toward the Tahoe, ordering the man to get out.

Instead, the man put the sport utility vehicle in drive and went full speed toward a neighbor’s home, plowing into the front of a duplex, knocking off the front door which fell on a neighbor. At the time, three children were in the duplex.

Immediately, about six officers surrounded the car, and according to the police report, two officers shot the suspect, according to police Lt. Rick Armendariz. “This guy was nuts,” said the officer. “He was a serious threat.”

Despite receiving immediate medical attention, the man died at the scene. The officers involved were placed on paid administrative leave. No officers were injured, Armendariz said.

The teen who was stabbed and the woman injured during the crash by the front door were taken to a Modesto hospital. The 17-year-old was released and returned to the scene about 9 a.m. with his arm wrapped in bandages. He declined to comment.

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