Burglary victim shoots a photo of the prowler

SANTA CLARITA VALLEY – A woman who heard a burglar in her house chased him, got her purse back, and even snapped a photo of the home invader.

What are you looking at? The prowler is caught on cell phone camera.

Last Thursday, January 3rd, a woman who lives on the 26100 block of Quartz Mesa Lane in the Santa Clarita Valley reported that she was home and upstairs doing chores when she heard footsteps and movement coming from the downstairs kitchen. According to a LA County Sheriff’s press release, she called the Sheriff’s department at 3:15 to report what is called a “hot prowl burglary” – an incident when the victim is at the location at the same time as the offender.

After hearing the intruder, the woman shouted downstairs to ask the intruders to identify themselves. Two men ran out of the kitchen carrying the woman’s purse. She ran after them, and confronted them in her front yard, ripping her purse away from one of the men. She then, using her cell phone, tried to take a picture of the men’s car license plate. One of them covered the plate, but she got a photo of him instead.

Full image of the cell phone photo as the suspect covers his licence plate

The man (pictured) is described as Hispanic, about 6 feet tall, with dark brown hair and a mustache. His partner is described as 5 feet 8 inches, Hispanic wearing black jeans and a black jacket. Their vehicle (also pictured) is a 1992-1995 Lexus LS 400, white with gold trim.

The Santa Clarita Sheriff’s station is asking for help identifying the suspects, and anyone with information should call Detective Christensen at 661-255-1121, or email at CRChrist@lasd.org (REF-00131).

Though the victim’s actions were certainly brave, and had a positive outcome in this case, the Sheriffs recommend against confrontation or attempted apprehension of anyone suspected of a crime. Victims or witnesses should always call 911. “Hot Prowl” burglaries are considered especially dangerous because of the potential for violence between the occupant and offender, said Deputy Joshua Dubin in the press release.

The prowlers targeted a home in this neighborhood where they were confronted by the homeowner

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UPDATE – 1/10/13 – The LA Sheriff’s department issued a press release today announcing the arrest of the suspect in this case, Karen Kapshanyan, a male from Van Nuys. A Santa Clarita resident recognized Kapshanyan from his photo, and reported it to Detective Christensen. A search warrant was issued and he was arrested at his home at 9 pm Tuesday, and booked for residential burglary. No information was released on his male companion in the above robbery attempt.

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