Ontario Police Track Down Sexual Assault, Burglary Suspect

ONTARIO – Police arrested a man with a pellet gun after he reportedly broke into a home and assaulted a 41-year-old woman on Wednesday.

After leaving the scene of the crime on Vine Street, Aquirre was picked up just around the corner on West Holt

Daniel Anthony Aguirre, 20, of Ontario, was arrested when police found him walking on the 500 block of West Holt Blvd. in Ontario, carrying a pellet gun. He was found less than two blocks from where the break-in and attack had occurred.

The assault was committed just before 10 a.m. at a residence on the 200 block of North Vine Avenue. According to reports, Aguirre entered the home through an unlocked door, eventually confronting a woman. He attacked the woman by pointing what appeared to be a real gun at her, fleeing before police were called. Police were able to arrest Aguirre within two hours after the assault. “The weapon was recovered,” said Sgt. David McBride in a written release, “and determined to be a realistic-looking pellet gun.”

Aguirre had apparently tried to break into another home a couple miles away from the North Vine site, on the 100 block of North Pleasant Ave., but the residence was locked. The description of that man is similar to Aguirre, police said.

Realistic pellet guns are available that are nearly impossible to distinguish from the real thing, especially to someone with no gun experience

Police determined that the two residences were randomly selected by Aguirre, but both are within 1.5 miles of his listed residence in Ontario. Aguirre was booked into West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga on charges of burglary and sexual assault. Ontario is a city in west San Bernardino County.

Aguirre has a prior record that includes first degree burglary, strong armed robbery and petty theft in Riverside County. Included in his criminal record is a failure to appear and a violation of probation.

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