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Individual Arrested for Series of Pellet Gun and Pepper Spray Offenses

Photo: King and two vehicles associated with him During November and December numerous car windows were shot out with a pellet gun in and around Fairfield. More specifically, most of

San Bernardino

Two Armed Juveniles in Joshua Tree Cause Officer-Involved Shooting

JOSHUA TREE – An officer-involved shooting took place when a residence was shot at by two armed juveniles. SBSD immediately responded to a shots-fired call Wednesday near 10:30 PM at


The real McCoy and the replica pellet gun

Oakland resident Carl Jodecee McCoy, 22, is the real deal, a “real goer,” as he calls himself on his Facebook page. He loves guns. He loves having his picture taken


Vacaville ATM Robbery Victim Refuses To Surrender Car Keys; Robbers Run Away

Vacaville police officers arrested two male juvenile robbery suspects on July 30 after they allegedly robbed a Wells Fargo customer who just withdrew cash from one of the bank’s ATMs

Riverside San Bernardino

Ontario Police Track Down Sexual Assault, Burglary Suspect

ONTARIO – Police arrested a man with a pellet gun after he reportedly broke into a home and assaulted a 41-year-old woman on Wednesday. Daniel Anthony Aguirre, 20, of Ontario,