Web of deceptive drug delivery to HDDC

Web of deceptive drug delivery to HDDC
Photo: (top, l-r) Riley and  McGuire (bottom, l-r) Adams and Wilks

The investigative unit of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department discovered drugs in the visitor lobby of the High Desert Detention Center on March 21.

The discovery was of 30 grams of meth. Three days later deputies discovered marijuana and “additional contraband” in a housing unit, also at HDDC.

The investigation traced back to Yvette Adams as the person responsible for bring all of these items to HDDC’s lobby.

Inmates Ricky Wilks, Lance Lapp and Austin Topchi were the ones who asked for the drugs and  “facilitating its passage into the jail.”

The next link in  the chain was discovering the source of the blue meth. That investigation led to a search warrant being served in the 1000 block of Clay Street on March 31 in Redlands.

That search warrant resulted in the seizure of one pound of blue meth and a shotgun. Arrested for “possession of narcotics for sales, illegal possession of a firearm, maintaining a place for narcotic sales, and conspiracy to send narcotics into a jail facility” was Duane Riley, Michael Riley and Yvette Thorvilson.

Adams’ named source of the drugs was Jeremiah McGuire, who was arrested on April 8 after the service of a search warrant in the 11000 block of Brockman Avenue in Adelanto.

Finally, also on April 8, Yvette Adams was arrested at  her home in the 19000 block of Linsay Street in Hesperia.

The press release concludes, “Adams and McGuire were booked for conspiracy to bring or send narcotics into a jail facility. The inmates involved will face the additional charges of conspiracy to bring narcotics into a jail facility. Wilks was released from custody shortly after the investigation began, he is currently wanted and is believed to be residing in Twin Peaks.”

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