Petty theft turns to more serious charges

Real Alexander McQueen scarves on sale at Nordstrom

21-year-old Patrick Nicholas Behan was arrested and booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail on Dec 1, 2012 under PC 459-460 (b) Second Degree Burglary and PC 484-488 for Petty Theft.  Behan had gone to Nordstrom on 2400 Forest Drive, in hopes of returning counterfeit merchandise to make some quick cash.

Behan was charged with Second Degree Burglary for trying to return counterfeit Alexander McQueen scarves. The returns office, located on the third floor, refused to take the fake scarves, however, and once he had left the area, the Loss Prevention office was notified, and Behan was put under surveillance. Once he returned to the main level, he attempted to steal Under Armor men’s active pants for $59.99 and an Ezekiel Jacket worth $85.00.

After his initial scheme failed, Behan tried to make off with an Ezekiel jacket...

Nordstrom sees a myriad of shoppers entering and exiting the main mall areas leading to and from parking lot and garage areas. An employee form the Nordstrom’s loss prevention office said, “Our office prevents loss in the store under internal and external human processes.”  The loss prevention employees look at each incidence as a ‘case by case’ basis.  Gift cards and other purchases are verified using a valid California ID Identification card to help prevent fraud and to also help prevent identity theft from occurring.

A First Security Services officer said, “When he receives a call on Petty Theft, they are usually already gone, and we just get a description of the individual.”  “At times we do interact in-house, and help security apprehend them,” he said.

...and some Under Armour sports pants, here modeled by manikins

In an instance where a person is seen shoplifting a loss prevention employee will be called to catch or stop an individual who has been seen taking any items from the store.  But more often than not, the person leaves and cannot be found.  Many times the crime is considered a misdemeanor for items under $300.  “Usually juveniles” the First Security Services officer said.  When a teenager is caught shoplifting, their parents are called. They are then cited and taken home by their parent.  “Most of the time we just observe and report,” the First Security Services officer said.

Photos by the author, Amy Nilson

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