Domestic dispute call brings out air support

Fernando Aguilar was booked into the Santa Clara Main Jail under PC 496 possession of known stolen property, PC 148(A) (1) delaying and resisting an officer, and HS 11364 possession of drug paraphernalia.  Aguilar had stolen credit cards and two glass pipes at the time of his arrest by the San Jose Police Department officers.

A 911 call alerted police to a dispute in this Yucca Ave. neighborhood

A call to dispatchers on Thursday night, November 1st,  reported a person breaking glass at a home on Yucca Avenue, but it was later learned that Aguilar had actually been physically beating his girlfriend in the head and stomach, and was then evading the 911 call made by someone reporting the incident.

Steven Dick of the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office said “Domestic violence affects every aspect of our community.  It is not just a problem for those in a particular economic class, ethnicity, religious group, or of a particular sexual orientation. Domestic violence permeates all aspects of our community and we must be vigilant in acting to protect everyone from violence.”

Aguilar was on his bike when officers arrived, and he actually watched them start to enter the house.  When officers saw him on the bike they called for him, but he refused and ran into the back yard and hid.  It took air support and 12 police units to help in the search.  When the suspect was finally apprehended, he was found with numerous credit cards, two glass drug pipes, and a cellular phone which he had used to call a friend to pick him up.

Aguilar was captured with the help of a police helicopter unit's bird's eye view of the area

SJPD officers interviewed his live-in girlfriend at the residence, who told them that Aguilar had violently attacked her, and had punched and kicked her repeatedly. Aguilar had reportedly thrown a DVD player at her head, and she showed the officers the bruising where she had been hit.  Aguilar had attacked her that evening and had hit her head against the bath room sink several times while  he punched and kicked her in the stomach.

Officers had been to the residence on one other occasion and a felony affidavit had been filed, but because of the lack of participation by the victim, there was nothing further officers could do, despite the escalating violence in the home.

Dick said, “many times people were aware of serious problems in relationships but did not intervene prior to a fatal incident.”

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