Low-Speed Chase Leads to Arrest of Three Gang Members

SALINAS—The Violence Suppression Unit of the Salinas Police Department arrested three well-known gang members after they led them on a low-speed chase through the streets of Salinas on Tuesday.

Oscar Lopez

On Tuesday afternoon around 3:37 p.m., officers with the Violence Suppression Unit attempted to stop a vehicle in the area of Garner Avenue and North Sanborn in Salinas for a vehicle violation.

When the driver of the vehicle refused to pull over for police a low-speed chase ensued through the street of East Salinas.  The chased lasted for approximately ten to fifteen minutes as they led police onto Williams Road.

Ceasr Gomar

The Salinas Police used a Pursuit Immobilization Technique (PIT) to stop the vehicle near the intersection of Williams Road and Alma Ave.

“The PIT maneuver was preformed at a location on Williams Road where it was safe from other vehicles and pedestrians,” Salinas Police Department’s Officer Miguel Cabrera said. “You have to be certified to perform a maneuver like that and our officer was.”

Upon getting the vehicle stopped, the police took all three of the occupants into custody without further incident.  Arrested were the driver, Oscar Lopez, 21, Cesar Gomar, 18 and Jose Castro, 18, all of Salinas.

Jose Castro

“All three of the suspects in this incident were known to us to be well-known gang members,” Officer Cabrera added.

All three were transported to the Monterey County Jail and booked on charges ranging from evading police to the possession of methamphetamines for sales. Gomar was also charged with possession of a firearm.  The charges carry with them gang enhancements.

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