Moped Flasher suspect identified while in jail

A Moped riding man who was arrested in September on a methamphetamine charges has been identified as the person who exposed himself to a 12-year-old girl.

This police sketch was created to help identify the suspect

According to a LAPD press release, on August 31st, at around 4:20 pm in Arleta, a man on Moped motor scooter approached a 12-year-old girl and called out to her, and then exposed himself. He then rode away and went into a nearby liquor store on Van Nuys Blvd. The girl’s mother confronted him as he left the store, but there was no video footage available. The girl and her mother were able to provide a description to a police sketch artist, and the image was released.

Commenting on the incident, Detective Luz Montero of the LAPD Mission Detective Division said “The girl did everything right. She ignored the man, kept her distance, and told her mother right away.”

The release of the sketch prompted a state parole officer to contact detectives and identify the suspect as 50-year-old Geary Gornick of Van Nuys. Gornick is a registered sex offender required to wear an ankle bracelet as a condition of his parole.

Geary Gornick was identified from the sketch and his habit of committing crimes while on his Moped

“It was the description of the man on a moped and his behavior that made a parole officer curious about Gornick, and the GPS data from an ankle bracelet put Gornick at the time and place of the crime” said Detective Montero.

Gornick had in the meantime been arrested on September 22nd on a methamphetamine charge, also while riding his infamous moped. He has been in the LA County jail since then.

Detective Montero added “Now he’ll face another sex-related charge on his already established criminal history. Our victim, her mom, the parole agent and technology all played an important role in identifying this dangerous predator before he could physically harm someone.”

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