Woman Shot by Chowchilla Police After Brandishing Fake Gun

Tina McClure, 45-years-old, of Chowchilla was shot and wounded by allegedly brandished a fake gun at two officers. McClure is expected to live, but it is unclear why she had the fake gun, according to the police report. The names of the officers involved in the incident have not yet been identified but they have been placed on administrative leave, which is a common practice, according to Chief Jay Varney.

10 W. Robertson Blvd.

Officers responded after receiving a phone call from a woman, later identified as McClure,  threatening to kill herself, and due to the cell phone’s coordinates they arrived at the 10 block of West Robertson Boulevard, where several eyewitnesses told them the woman was lying on her back in a vacant lot. The officers tried to speak with the woman but, using both hands, she held up what resembled a handgun, according to the report.

As she pointed the gun at the officers, they ordered her to drop the weapon, moving away trying to avoid her aim. When she continued to point the weapon, the officers fired at the woman, injuring her. Upon recovering the gun officers realized it was a toy gun.

McClure was transported to a hospital, according to Varney.

Varney said the gun wouldn’t be immediately recognizable as a fake to the average person. “If you saw someone holding it, you wouldn’t have any idea whether it was real or not, unless you were standing real close,” Varney said. “It appeared to be a real gun, and she would not listen to the officers demanding that she drop the weapon.”

Varney, who said he came on board in 2004, added that it is the first time during eight years that someone was injured during a officer-involved shooting.

The investigation of the incident has been turned over to the Madera County Sheriff’s Department.

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