Madera County Man Arrested After Wild Car Chase

Madera County Man Arrested After Wild Car Chase

A Madera County resident was arrested last Thursday after leading Chowchilla police on a chase in his vehicle.

Jesus Munoz, image from Facebook.

Jesus Munoz, image from Facebook.

Jesus Munoz, a 25-year-old dairy worker residing in Chowchilla, was brought in on charges of recklessly evading a police officer, driving while his privileges were suspended or revoked, destroying evidence, and possession of a controlled substance. He was finally pulled over on North Chowchilla Blvd, the road that runs parallel to Highway 99 and the railroad tracks.

According to the Chowchilla Police, Munoz was in possession of amphetamines, but not under the influence when he was arrested. It is not clear whether he was in possession for sales, or personal use of the stimulants.

Munoz had been arrested on January 28 on a bench warrant, when he and Travis Brooks, of Oklahoma, were pulled over at about 1 am. on South Chowchilla Blvd. near Prosperity. Brooks was charged with driving on a suspended license.

Munoz’ warrant was related to his arrest on October 19 for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia. He was picked up at a home on Orange Avenue near the Chowchilla High School at 2:30 in the morning. His residence of record, however, is a home about a half mile away, on Hoover Avenue.

Munoz was booked into the Madera County Department of Corrections on charges of possession of a controlled substance, destroying evidence, driving with a suspended license, and evading a peace officer with wanton disregard for safety. Bail was set at $19,000.

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