Man Beats Family Dog To Death

Man Beats Family Dog To Death
Photo: Ambrocio Hernandez

Ambrocio Hernandez is a 27-year old male whose family does not allow him onto their property because of his drug use.

On May 6th, his family arrived at their home about 8:45 PM and saw Hernandez standing outside. They observed him acting strange and asked him to leave.

Not long after, they found a large puddle of blood near the driveway with Hernandez nowhere in sight. They called for police to investigate.

When police arrived at the home on the 800 block of D Street in Madera, they followed the blood to a trashcan in the alleyway by the victim’s yard, inside of which they found the family’s pet dog. The pup had been beaten to death.

When Hernandez was found driving near Madera Avenue and G Street, blood was found on his clothing. Police also located a tool in Hernandez’s car, which they believe was used to beat the dog. Hernandez confessed to the killing the dog, explaining he did so when the dog would not stop trying to play with him.

Hernandez is charged with animal cruelty, possession of meth, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is currently in custody at the Madera Co Department of Corrections.

Photos from MPD

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