Madera man arrested for enabling a minor

Madera man arrested for enabling a minor

What’s wrong with sharing your drugs with a teenager? 29-year-old Fidelio Paz has hopefully figured it out.

According to the official media report from the Madera County Department of Corrections, Paz, a field worker who lives in north central Madera near the George Washington Elementary School, was arrested late Friday, September 4 by Madera Police for possession of a controlled substance – likely methamphetamine – and paraphernalia such as a glass meth pipe.

He was booked at 2:53 am Saturday morning, and was also charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, who was not identified in the report. After posting a $9,000 bond for the three misdemeanor offenses, Paz was released pending his appearance in court.

A longtime resident of Madera, Paz had been arrested in September of 2007 on charges of possession and transportation of a controlled substance for sale. If any evidence in found to indicate he was selling rather than just sharing his drugs with his teenage victim, his sentencing will be much more harsh.

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