Oops! Texting Boo-boo Calls Cops

May 31 – Santa Barbara County

A pair of local methamphetamine dealers need to swing by their local Verizon Store and get lessons in proper cellphone texting techniques, because what they’ve been doing simply isn’t working for them.

Raymundo Escobedo

As reported by Santa Barbara County Sheriff Public Information Officer Drew Sugars, Reymundo Escobedo, 39, and John Silvera, 37, were using their cellphones to contact potential retail customers for their product line of controlled substances, including crystal meth.  The only problem with their marketing technique is that it does require a good degree of accuracy in customer contact and actual cellphone dialing.

As detailed by Sugars, in the early morning hours of May 29th, an individual member of the Santa Maria Police Department Narcotics Suppression Team “received repeated text messages from unknown persons offering methamphetamine for sale.”  Shortly thereafter, the Santa Maria Police contacted Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit; working in concert, the authorities responded to the texts and arranged to meet with the texting retailers for the ostensible purpose of purchasing a quantity of methamphetamine.

John Silvera

SBSD Narcotics Detectives then arrived at the appointed place and time and met in person with Escobedo, who proffered the controlled substance to the officers for sale.  Escobedo was found to be in possession of two grams of methamphetamine and was summarily placed under arrest.  Once Escobedo was transported from the scene, Detectives remained at the location and were shortly thereafter met by Silvera who was reportedly “looking for his friend,” according to Sugars.  Silvera was detained and it was quickly determined that he was in possession of seven grams of methamphetamine, earning him a set of steel bracelets and a ride in a black-and-white.

Both Escobedo and Silvera were booked into Santa Barbara County Jail for possession of a controlled substance for sale, transportation of a controlled substance, and criminal conspiracy; each is currently held on $30,000 bail…and had to turn in their cellphones.

Photos: Courtesy Santa Barbara County Jail Booking, Bob McCullough

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