Burglary in action same morning police department announces new burglary apprehension team

FRESNO – On Thursday morning, Chief Jerry Dyer announced the formation of a new team whose goal is to target prolific burglars in the area and decrease the number of burglaries in the city.

The city of Fresno has had an 8 percent increase in burglaries in the last year. In 2007, there was an average of 11 burglaries per day in Fresno. Today, Fresno’s average has increased to 15, which compares to 39 burglaries per day in Los Angeles and 11 burglaries per day in San Jose.

The new Career Burglary Apprehension Team, or CBAT, is much like Fresno’s Career Criminal Auto Theft Team, which has managed to reduce car thefts in the city.

On the same morning that Chief Dyer was announcing CBAT, a burglary was taking place in Central Fresno around 9:30 a.m. A citizen, whose house had been burglarized before, had installed security cameras at his house. On Thursday morning, he was notified by the security system that someone was breaking into his home.

Police officers surrounded the home, where suspect Pablo Ortiz was believed to be inside. The suspect managed to escape into the surrounding neighborhoods. Although police surrounded the area and attempted to apprehend Ortiz, he was able to get away. Anyone who has information on the suspect’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the police.

The Fresno Police Department is hoping their new apprehension team will help reduce the number of similar incidents in the city.

“It’s important that we deal with this problem,” Lt. Burke Farrah said.

Officers assigned to the team, consisting of one lieutenant and six officers, will be focusing on the top five burglars. They will also be looking at the kind of property taken and where the property is then being sold. They will be attempting to identify trends and help patrol officers in their burglary investigations.

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