Police Arrest Half-naked Man in Home Break-in

LUCERNE VALLEY – Police arrested a man who broke into a home and spent the night, and was then discovered when a couple returned from vacation on Monday night.

Donald Brian Medaris, 47, was discovered naked from the waist down by the couple that lives at a house on the 9000 block of Highland Road. Detective William Badger, spokesman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff, said Medaris was attempting to cover himself with a reflective windshield shade. Badger said Medaris, a handyman who lives in Lucerne Valley and had been reported missing by his girlfriend, apparently slept inside a small sedan owned by one of the victims at the residence.

“His pants smelled bad,” said Badger, adding it was why he took them off to sleep. “He decided to break into the house the next morning and didn’t bother to put (his pants) back on.”
The victims returned home at 10:20 a.m. on Monday, discovering Medaris in their home.

Badger said the victim told his girlfriend to go outside and call the police. “(The victim) never touched (Medaris). He just told him to stay there and not go anywhere. I was there eight minutes later, so (Medaris) wouldn’t have gotten too far, plus he didn’t have his pants.”

Reports stated that Medaris, who was probably on the prowl for copper wiring inside the house, gained entry by breaking a window in the rear of the home.

“When I handcuffed him,” said Badger, “he struggled with me a little bit because he didn’t want to drop the sun visor.” It was unknown if alcohol played a part in the suspect’s behavior, he said.

Badger said Medaris also sprayed himself with scented body spray he had found inside the car. The suspect, held on $75,000, was at the Victor Valley sheriff’s substation.

Lucerne Valley is a city located in the high desert section of San Bernardino County, about 20 minutes east of Apple Valley.

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