Former Burglary Parolee Nabbed for New String of Crimes

COSTA MESA, CA – A man taken into custody Wednesday for suspicion of burglary is also a key suspect in several other burglaries both in his own apartment complex and around the city, according to police. Arturo Vasquez, 25, of 2855 Pinecreek Dr., #B429, was arrested Wednesday for a burglary that took place May 5, reportedly at the Pinecreek Apartments. Along with the suspicion of burglary, Vasquez was also charged with receiving stolen property worth over $400 and an Immigration and Customs Enforcement violation (8CFR 287.7).

The May 5th burglary involved a suspect removing a window screen to gain entry to an apartment where they then stole a television. Forensic evidence gathered at the scene linked Vasquez to the crime, said police.

Police also believe Vasquez may have been involved with at least 10 other Costa Mesa burglaries that occurred in his complex and in the city.

“This is a substantial arrest because we’re identifying a person who’s possibly responsible for more burglaries,” said Sergeant Bryan Glass of the Costa Mesa PD.

Police also discovered property believed to have been taken during other burglaries in Vasquez’s home when he was arrested.

Vasquez reportedly completed 3 years of probation in 2007 for a previous felony first-degree burglary arrest from March, 2004.

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