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Santa Barbara

Report of Fake Gun Leads to Warrant Bust

Photo: fake gun September 6, 2020 – Santa Barbara, Ca. Some people just have a “thing” for guns…even for replica firearms.  Such appears to be the case leading to the


Suspect Launches Vehicle Into Air Trying To Avoid Arrest

Photo: Antonio Zavala Just before midnight on July 31 st , while patrolling an area outside the City of Lemoore, 17th and Jersey Avenues, a Kings County Deputy initiated a traffic


Man with active warrant carries loaded guns and meth

Photo: Ponce’s gun The Yolo County Sheriff’s Office stopped and then arrested a man after discovering a gun and drugs- “Last night, at about 10:15pm, 39-year-old Solano County resident David


Couple with Outstanding Warrants Located in a Parked Car, Handgun Confiscated

NOVATO — A normally quiet residential neighborhood was awakened by police activity last  Saturday night. Officers responding to a report of suspicious activity arrested a couple and confiscated a loaded


Five arrests in Wasco over a few hours

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office reports five different arrests over one recent night – “During the evening hours of Monday, June 15, 2020 and the early morning hours of Tuesday,


Vigilant residents, sharp officers working together in Vacaville

Photo: Shea Hughes Here’s a story from the Vacaville Police Department official Facebook Page that highlights the result of good police work and vigilant residents – “This morning, sharp-eyed officers


Juvenile assaults officer on his way to facing charges

Perhaps some people think that if they are about to be arrested that they might go ahead and give authorities something else to arrest them for. The juvenile in the


NY woman apparently living in Kings Beach home

Photo: Ellen Maloney The Placer County Sheriff’s Office encountered a woman living in a King’s Beach home, without any approval – “An observant neighbor in Kings Beach called PCSO last


No wonder man wouldn’t reveal his real name or DOB

Photo: Isaac Delgado When you are an active gang member with a felony warrant and a police officer stops you as you are driving, you understandably will not be forthcoming


Man with warrant spotted, arrested in Plumas

Thankfully the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office official Facebook page has few crimes to report. Here’s a report of an arrest of a man wanted on a warrant – “Today, at