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Breaking News San Luis Obispo

He Just Wanted a Bottle of Water

Photo Joseph Sage Bramon ATASCADERO – Although he just wanted a bottle of water, taking it and threatening the store clerk turned it into a crime. On Wednesday afternoon Joseph

Breaking News San Benito

Killed His Friend Over Who Got the Front Seat

Photo: Sergio Orozco FONTANA – He wanted the front seat so badly, he killed the other guy who wanted it as well. On Sunday night a call came to the

Breaking News Riverside

Hammer Down in Desert Hot Springs Attempted Murder

Photo: Jeffrey Grant Hammer Jr. DESERT HOT SPRINGS – DHSPD nabbed a Desert Hot Springs attempted murder suspect on June 11.  33-year-old Jeffrey Grant Hammer Jr. shot someone on June

Breaking News Sacramento

Observant Citizen Helps Nab Two Burglars

Photo: Kris Rashah Smith NEWCASTLE – An “observant citizen” recently helped to stop two burglars. The citizen spotted “suspicious activity” at 11 pm on June 7. To begin with, a

Alameda Breaking News

Suspected Arsonist Arrested Following Incidents at Preschools

Photo: Kristina L. Romo UNION CITY—Authorities arrested a suspected arsonist following fire incidents at two Safari Kid preschool locations less than four miles apart. The fire forced one school to

Breaking News Merced

Helpful Neighbor Helps Stop Burglar

Photo: Gonzalez under arrest LOS BANOS – A helpful neighbor helped to stop a residential burglary on Tuesday morning. The caller knew his neighbors were out of town. He also

Breaking News Sacramento

Two Large Scale Outdoor Marijuana Cultivation Sites Busted

Photo: site of illegal grow SACRAMENTO – On Wednesday June 13 the SCSD announced that they seized two large scale outdoor marijuana cultivation sites. PIO Sgt. Shaun Hampton, in a

Alameda Breaking News

How NOT to Clean up a Homeless Camp

Photo: Jogger Joe in action OAKLAND — Somehow someone dubbed him “Jogger Joe.” He shows us how NOT to clean up a homeless camp. Some robberies seem to count more