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Breaking News Merced

17 arrested for solicitation of prostitution

For fifteen days in June the Merced Police Department’s DART officers were looking online at prostitution ads. A total of 17 male suspects contacted the advertisements, thinking they were arranging

Breaking News Ventura

“Mr. & Mrs. Burglars” Busted

Photo: Edward Cruz June 30, 2020 – Ventura County, Ca. One way to keep a marriage from going stale may well be to spice things up by engaging in a

Breaking News Santa Barbara

Second Man Arrested in Sex-with-Boys Case

Photo: Vincente Lopez Ceballos June 30, 2020 – Santa Barbara County, Ca. In April of 2019, 54-year-old Santa Barbara resident Gregory Scott Ray was arrested and charged with more than

Breaking News San Bernardino

Verbal Altercation Results in Homicide

Photo: Dominic Thompson FONTANA – A call came in on June 30th near 3:30 PM, referencing a subject in a serious state of physical distress. Fontana Police Department Officers dispatched

Breaking News

60-Year-Old Man Stays Active with Robbery and Burglary Arrests

Photo: Heinz Avenue and Ninth Street BERKELEY — Some bad guys never seem to know when to quit or retire. Despite his advancing age, one such probationer in his sixties