Trio arrested in theft in progress at 3:30 AM

Trio arrested in theft in progress at 3:30 AM

Someone at the Murieta Police Department has a creative flair with hash tags. Follow their report here –

“Saturday morning around 3:30 AM officers responded to a possible theft in progress.

A resident received a notification from his video security system there was activity in front of his house. #heywhoareyou #andwhatareyoudoing

The resident looked out his front window, and sure enough, there was a guy messing with one of the cars parked at the house. #notcool

The resident then called dispatch and provided a description of the suspect and the vehicle that he had arrived in. Several officers responded and quickly located the suspect vehicle parked a few houses down from the caller’s house.

The officers conducted an investigative traffic stop and contacted the three occupants, Oscar Gomez, JohnPaul Cayanan and Jerry Cordova.

During the investigation, the officers contacted the original caller, who was able to confirm the person he saw attempting to take a generator from his truck was in fact JohnPaul and the car that he saw JohnPaul get into was the car the officers had stopped. #cluenumberone #cluenumbertwo #plusitsonvideo

As the officers searched the suspect vehicle, they located several tools commonly used to commit burglary. #butwait #theresmore

Also during the vehicle search, the officers located checks, baseball gear and a license plate that didn’t belong to any of the subjects the officers had detained. #what #noway #thisismysurprisedface

Officer Power contacted the person whose name was on the checks and confirmed that the checks and baseball gear belonged to another resident in Murrieta who’s car had been broken into. #9PMRoutine #thisiswhy

The officers also contacted the owner of the license plate and discovered that it had been taken from a car parked in Hemet. #somuchstealing

I’m sure that you’re going to be surprised to hear that when the officers conducted a records check, they found that Oscar was on #PRCS for vehicle theft and had an outstanding felony warrant. #IknowIwas

The trio was arrested and charged with attempted grand theft, possession of stolen property, possession of burglary tool and conspiracy. Plus Oscar had an additional charge for his outstanding felony warrant. #CBDChasplentyofroom”


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