“She Must be the Returner of the Operation”

“She Must be the Returner of the Operation”
Photo: Tiffany Thomas

SOLANO – The press release declares, “She must be the ‘returner’ of the operation.”

It began when an alert outlet employee noticed 31-year-old Tiffany Thomas returning merchandise. Notably, the same merchandise was purchased earlier that day….with counterfeit currency.


Fake currency

The employee called the police with a description of the suspect.

Responding officers contacted the suspect, who reached into her waistband upon their approach.


Thomas’ gun

The officers quickly cuffed Thomas and then found a concealed handgun in her pants. They also found additional fake money.

Thomas confessed to the praudulanet purchases and returns.  She now has “a variety of felony charges related to –

  • being a felon in possession of a loaded, concealed firearm not registered to her;
  • possession of counterfeit currency;
  • and retail burglary.”

The press release adds, “Once again, our sharp-eyed retail employees helped keep Vacaville safe.  We are so thankful for the great partnership we have with our retail establishments. Keep it up out there!”

Finally, they said, “If you have more information regarding this case, please contact Ofc. Josue Cuevas at (707) 449-5200.”


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