On Parole for Robbery, Shoplifter Charged with Ten Crimes

On Parole for Robbery, Shoplifter Charged with Ten Crimes
Photo: Morgan under arrest

Santa Barbara County – The suspect was on parole for robbery and in possession of a stolen car. One would think he would be somewhat circumspect when shopping for tools or home repair products at Home Depot. The last thing such an individual might think about, considering the abundance of store security video cameras in such a retail establishment, would be committing a petty theft by shoplifting an item and then—once confronted by store security—attempting to flee the premises.

However, that is exactly what 29-year-old Oxnard resident Jeffrey Morgan did in the afternoon on May 15th.

Once confronted by store security, Morgan drove off and soon found SBSD units on his tail. Perhaps he didn’t understand how predictably these things transpire, when he “jumped out of his running vehicle. ” The vehicle then crashed into the SBSD black-and-white, “causing minor injuries to the deputy.”

At that point, Morgan sprinted across the enormous Goleta Market Place shopping center parking lot. Then he “scaled a fence” and dashed across one of the area’s busiest intersections.  Finally, enforcement pursuers brought him to ground in a nearby hotel parking lot.

Once apprehended and in custody at Santa Barbara County Jail, SBSD booked Morgan on far more than petty theft: felony resisting arrest, felony hit and run, burglary, felony vandalism, obstructing/delaying a police investigation, possession of a burglary tool, possession of hydrocodone, committing a felony while out on bail, possession of psilocybin , driving a vehicle with a suspended drivers license and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Morgan remains in custody on a no-bail parole hold. He is undoubtedly considering the wisdom of not stopping at the Home Depot checkout counter to pay for his merchandise.

Photo: Courtesy Santa Barbara County Sheriff

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