“Wise” Guys Arrested for Criminal Threats

“Wise” Guys Arrested for Criminal Threats

HAWTHORNE — While “What’s in a name?” may apply to Shakesperean star-crossed lovers, it does not appear to be a positive harbinger for two brothers who seem to have acted contrary to their family name, as well as any civility it may have indicated.

Charles Edward Wise, Jr, 37, and Christian Elijah Wise, 31, were arrested by Hawthorne police officers on Friday, May 15, at approximately 2:35 p.m. The brothers were picked up along the 2500 block of 115th Place, near their residence on the same street, which is in a little corner of the charter city tucked away between Inglewood and Los Angeles.

The elder Wise was charged with threatening a crime with terroristic intent (422PC) and threatening a school/public official (71PC). He was also found to have a warrant for failing to appear after making a written promise to do so (853.7PC). His bail was set at $70,571, with $571 being for the warrant.

The younger Wise upped the ante by being charged with the same two charges—threatening a crime and threatening an official—as well as with conspiracy to commit a crime (182(A)(1)PC). His bail was set at $120,000.

The released report did not specify what official was threatened by the Wise brothers, their location is within a few blocks of both Century Park and Bennett/Kew Elementary Schools. Morningside High School is also nearby.


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