Bandanna Bandit Suspect

Bandanna Bandit Suspect

Over the past month in San Fernando Valley, there have been a series of parking garage robberies. Detectives believe that the robberies have been by the same suspect every time.

According to the report, The suspect threatens people with a handgun in parking garages when they get to their car. Then he demands the victims to give him their property. The crimes only happen late at night, or very early in the morning.

The suspect is a black male, 19-22 years old, about 5’9″, with a thin build, black hair, and brown eyes. He wears dark clothing and a bandana over his face during the attacks, in order to keep his facial appearance unrecognized. He also sometimes will wear a beanie or a dark baseball cap, with bright colored shoes.

Anyone who sees the suspect has any information about him should call 911 immediately. Anyone who has any information about where he might be should call Mission Robbery Detectives at 818-838-9896. It is also imperative to not contact the suspect, as he has the potential to be pretty dangerous.


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