Arrest made in Pasadena bomb threats

The Pasadena Police Department arrested a suspect October 25th after a series of bomb threats were made against the Pasadena Public Health Department and a local middle school. 25-year-old Jerardo Cortez is being charged with Criminal Threats after admitting to calling in them in.

Cortez called in a bomb threat to the Pasadena Public Health department, but no explosives were found on site.

On October 25th at approximately 9:00 A.M., officers responded to the Pasadena Public Health Department Building located on 1845 North Fair Oaks Avenue after the suspect threatened the structure in a call to the police department.

Deputies from the Pasadena Police Department immediately assisted in evacuating personnel while officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the South Pasadena Police Department’s K9 Unit searched the structure for explosives.

At 10:50 A.M., police received another call from the suspect revealing that he was armed at a location close to the Public Health Department. At 1:00 P.M., detectives were able to pinpoint the suspect’s exact location on the 1700 block of North Fair Oaks Avenue.

Once police made contact, the suspect made incriminating statements that led him to confess to both the Pasadena Public Health Department bomb threat and an October 24th bomb threat against Washington Middle School. He told investigators that he had made the threats because he had been angry with his personal life.

Cortez had previously called in a threat to Washington Middle School

According to Pasadena Police Department PIO Lt. Phlunte’ Riddle, no bombs or explosive materials were found at the suspect’s location.

Cortez was identified and booked at the Pasadena City Jail where his bail was set at $50,000. After the Pasadena Public Health Department was searched by officers and K9 units, the structure was considered safe and reopened at 2:00 P.M.

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