Murder Suspect Killed by Fresno Officers Had Violent History

Murder Suspect Killed by Fresno Officers Had Violent History

FRESNO – The Fresno Police Department identified the man who was shot by a police officer Monday after he stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death as Michael Reams, a man who has a history of domestic violence charges.

On Monday around noon, officers responded to a subsidized housing tract on El Dorado Street, just west of Highway 99, and were told that a man and woman were arguing inside an apartment. The couple had thrown a 3-year-old child out of the apartment during the incident, but the child was not hurt, according to authorities.

The officers heard a woman inside the apartment screaming and the man saying that he would stab her. When the officers knocked on the front door, the man warned them that if they went inside, he’d kill the woman.

One year ago Reams posted this Facebook photo, announcing, "i just released from prison after 11 years, but please don't hold that against me"

One year ago Reams posted this Facebook photo, announcing, “i just got released from prison after 11 years, but please don’t hold that against me”

“Within a few seconds after the male making that comment inside that he would kill her if the officers attempted to come inside, the officers did not hear the female screaming any further,” Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

The man then said, “It’s too late,” according to authorities.

The officers kicked open the door and found the woman lying in a disheveled living room with multiple stab wounds to her chest. A confrontation between the man and the officers led one of the officers to fire four rounds at the man, killing him, authorities said.

Investigators found a bloody butcher knife, with the blade bent, inside the apartment, police said.

The victim has been identified as 45-year-old Cindy Raygoza. Police had responded to the same residence in February for a domestic abuse violence report involving Raygoza and Reams. Although Reams was arrested at that time, no formal charges were filed.

This was not the first time Reams was involved in a domestic dispute or involved in criminal activities. In 1990, Reams was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. In 2001, he faced charges of misdemeanor domestic violence involving a different victim.

In 2002, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to spousal abuse, assault and terrorist threats.

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  1. yvette caldera
    yvette caldera 25 August, 2014, 17:26

    please rewrite this article my mother Cindy Raygoza was no longer in a relationship with Michael reams. Michael reams was a ex-boyfriend who harassed her, please get the facts right if you publish everything make it accurate, and the fresno police department never arrested micheal reams when my mom called in February, thank you the daughter of Cindy raygoza, Yvette caldera

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  2. miranda sanz
    miranda sanz 28 September, 2014, 03:09

    This is my cuz Cindy and I never got to meet her I, Person but she sounded like a very sweet person. Who ever stabbed her should not be here today!Cindy should still be here today !!! We all miss her and we all wish she was still here today !!!!! 🙁

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  3. Albert Torres
    Albert Torres 26 November, 2014, 21:49

    Just found out about my friend cindy. She was a very good friend of mine and would always have a joke for me when we worked together. She was very caring person and loved her family. So much I could say about her but to her friends and family already know how special she was to us all. Rest in Peace my beautiful friend.

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  4. heather huffman
    heather huffman 18 August, 2015, 21:38

    this still makes me mad as hell that you still wont fix this report on my friend he was HER EX BOY FRIEND she ask for help an know came before her death she save my nephew life my boo boo kitty loved her so much and always wanted to watch tv with her it standees me that she gone she was a wonderful friend mother she will be deplete mist I love you cindy we will never forget we will share your story to stop this from happing to someone else love you

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