Redding suspects corralled

Redding suspects corralled

The Redding police have announced three arrests from their list of Most Wanted suspects. All three had been posted to the media with mugshots announcing their status as a wanted person. All three had been convicted of their crimes, but failed to show up in court to receive their sentencing.

The longest wait was for 28-year-old Leanna Michael Toney of Palo Cedro. She had been convicted of possession of narcotics, and was announced on the police’s wanted list on January 3rd. She was picked up early Sunday morning, at 5:13 am, at the Vagabond Inn on Cypress Avenue in Redding. She was also charged with petty theft. Bail for her outstanding warrant was set at $50,000.00, with another $1000.00 thrown in for the petty theft charge.

Jerry Don Gullings - booking  photo and enjoying a beer.

Jerry Don Gullings – booking photo and enjoying a beer.

Jerry Don Gullings was arrested Saturday night at 9 pm, when a Highway Patrol stop revealed his outstanding warrant. 29-year-old Gullings of Redding was wanted for sentencing in a possession of a deadly weapon charge. He had also been arrested on September 15 for possession of a controlled substance. Gullings was stopped on the rural Millville Plains Road in the small community of Millville, south of Redding and just east of Anderson. He was actually apprehended prior to the latest “Most Wanted” list appeared, but matched up with the list later in the day.

The easiest catch was 23-year-old Matthew Edward Fox of Redding. He reported to the Shasta County Jail at 2 o’clock Sunday afternoon. His outstanding warrant was for charges of burglary and vandalism. He had been arrested just two weeks ago, on Sunday February 3 at 8:30 pm. He also surrendered prior to the release of the Most Wanted list this week.

Matthew Edward Fox

Matthew Edward Fox – show me the money!

The Redding Police and Shasta County Sheriffs reported that 93 arrests have been made from their “Most Wanted” program, and 20 people remain at large. Anyone with information or tips is encouraged to call Shascom at 530-245-6540, or the secret witness line at 530-243-2319 or at They are offering a standing $250.00 reward for information leading to the arrest of any of the Most Wanted suspects listed.

Photos: Redding Police Department; Facebook

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