Petty theft suspect faces additional charges

SAN JOSE – 28-year-old Nohemi Perez Martinez is being charged with second degree burglary under PC 459-460 (b) and misdemeanor petty theft under PC 666. Martinez is also facing other allegations under PC 242-243 (a), for battery and assault. Martinez also has three prior petty theft charges under PC 666. Bail was set at $25,000 on July 10. Martinez was then released from jail after posting bail. Pre-booking charges originally filed, placed her under custody for PC 211 robbery and PC 459 burglary in the commission of a crime.

Eastbound Trading Co in the Eastridge Shopping Center

On July 8 Martinez entered the Earthbound Trading Co., located at 2200 Eastridge Loop, and following a brief shoplifting spree, she then entered Macys at 2210 Tully Road in order to commit theft. Both stores are in the Eastridge shopping center in San Jose. The responding officer was notified that the suspect had first entered Earthbound Trading and began concealing clothing in her purse. The suspect then left the location without paying for the items. She then entered Macy’s, where loss prevention officers had observed the suspect on surveillance video placing clothing into a tote bag.

The store’s loss prevention workers ID’d themselves as security, and Martinez then tried to push past them in an attempt to escape with the stolen clothing items she had apparently taken from several stores prior to entering Macy’s. However, the security officers were able to take Martinez into custody and escorted her to the security office.

The suspect was apprehended in Macy's at Eastridge

Nohemi Perez Martinez was identified as the suspect, and according to police documents she had stolen clothing items in her possession. Perez said she “needed money to pay her rent and decided to go to Eastridge Mall to steal men’s clothing.” She said that she had planned to sell the stolen clothing items to a friend for cash, which she would later use for rent.

Video and audio evidence provided by security officers was collected and uploaded into the SJPD photo database for their report. Items in her possession revealed she had taken a $131.37 male shirt with a men’s belt labeled “personal accessories” and costing $119.15. At the time of the theft Perez had just $2.10 in her possession.

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