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Dad Chooses Lap Dance, Leaves Baby in Sweltering Car

Auwin Dargin VAN NUYS – The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office announced that Auwin Dargin (26, Van Nuys) pleaded no contest to a felony charge of child abuse in Los

Breaking News Ventura

Traffic Stop Nets $1.8 million Meth Bust

Ventura County – The routine workday of a uniformed cop is anything but “routine.” This eternal verity was once again demonstrated at dusk on April 22nd in the City of

Breaking News Headline Story Sacramento

86-Year-Old Woman Dies After Attack at High School Track

Neven Glen Butler 18-year-old Neven Glen Butler arrested SACRAMENTO — An elderly woman was killed on Wednesday morning, April 26, 2017, by an unknown assailant when she was out with her

Breaking News Santa Barbara

Burglary Leads to Numerous Charges

Dakotah Matzie SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — An interesting phenomenon—wherein one criminal activity leads to another—became apparent early in the evening of April 24th when 38-year-old Lompoc resident Michael Rasmussen and 26-year-old

Breaking News Riverside

Attorney and Girlfriend Arrested for Extortion

Rogelio Morales RIVERSIDE — A local attorney and his girlfriend accomplice were arrested for an intricate extortion scheme they perpetrated on eleven local hair salons and dry cleaning businesses. From

Breaking News Los Angeles

Sentence for Fatal Hit-and-run

Jack Phoenix, victim of hit-and-run LOS ANGELES — A hit-and-run incident that resulted in the decapitation death of a 15-year-old pedestrian finally ended with the sentencing of the offending driver.

Breaking News Marin

Man Accused of Biting Skin Off Ex-Girlfriend’s Face… at McDonald’s

Incident occurred here NOVATO – A 30-year-old man suspected of causing permanent disfigurement or disability—accused of biting a chunk of skin off his ex-girlfriend’s forehead—is scheduled to appear in court