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Breaking News Santa Barbara

Wanted Felons Ditch Kids, Attempt to Flee

Mario Delgado SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — When next year’s Parents of the Year nominations are announced, it’s doubtful if 34-year-old Francine Correa and 35-year-old Mario Delgado will be among those

Breaking News Sacramento

Three Arrested Following Robbery and K-9 Shooting

Luther Foster (L) and Shantel Williams (R) SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento man, woman, and minor male, who are suspects in the robbery of a Jamba Juice in Elk Grove on

Breaking News Santa Cruz

Notorious Santa Cruz Drug Dealers At It Again

Calvin Carlson (L) and Suzanne Winchel (R) SANTA CRUZ — Two notorious drug dealers — 52-year-old Calvin Carlson and 40-year-old Suzanne Winchel — are behind bars again after a police

Breaking News Los Angeles

Robbery Suspect Hits Same Business Within Three Days

Photo of robbery suspect LOS ANGELES — Take a look at the photo that the LAPD provided and see if you recognize this man; two employees at a local business

Breaking News Fresno

Kajo the K-9 Officer Takes Bite out of Burglar

Fernando Jimenez FRESNO – On Saturday afternoon, 32-year-old Fernando Jimenez broke into a home on the 9500 block of W. Whitesbridge Avenue. Police were called to the home and discovered