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Redding resident goes on a crime spree

It was Friday afternoon in south Redding, out along Eastside Road, which runs alongside the railroad tracks opposite South Market Street. Just south of Bonnyview Road, the area is largely


Police dog helps nab frequent offender

Redding police are rightly proud of their K9 police dog unit, which has been in place since 1965. Tarro, a 6-year-old German Shepherd, is trained in patrol duties, SWAT assistance,


Burglars caught with camera, GPS monitors

REDDING – A pair of residential burglars were caught the same day thanks to a neighbor with a camera, and the suspects’ own ankle bracelets. On Saturday morning, August 16,

Placer Sacramento Shasta

Sacramento man wanted in Redding arrested after Carnival ends

A man on Redding’s most wanted list was arrested Monday in Roseville. 36-year-old Andrew Thomas Jackson is in custody after being arrested Monday on an outstanding warrant from Redding Police


Experienced burglar just keeps doing what he does best

REDDING Some people just don’t take a hint, no matter how hard you try to convince them they are doing wrong. Drugs are often the catalyst for repeat offenders, and


Redding PD nabs their 100th Most Wanted target

REDDING – The Shasta County Sheriff’s office and the local police, such as Redding PD, have been using a program called “Shasta’s Most Wanted” to corral some of the criminals


Repeat offender takes motor home for bumpy ride

REDDING – Police announced the arrest of a burglary suspect, and are still looking for his female accomplice after they drove a motor home through a fence and ended up


Arrest of wanted young man

REDDING – Police have announced the arrest of one of their publicized “Most Wanted” suspects, 22-year-old Dylan Forest Meese of Redding. Meese appeared on the Most Wanted list a week


Bonnie Brothers causing trouble in Redding

REDDING – Two twenty-something brothers were arrested by Redding Police in a case that looked at first like just goofing around, but ended up with arrests for burglary and prowling.


Chinese flight students get rude awakening in America

REDDING – A group of flight school students who came from China to study in Redding had their Trudie Lane apartment burglarized multiple times, apparently by the same person. It