Redding PD nabs their 100th Most Wanted target

Redding PD nabs their 100th Most Wanted target

REDDING – The Shasta County Sheriff’s office and the local police, such as Redding PD, have been using a program called “Shasta’s Most Wanted” to corral some of the criminals who have been convicted or accepted a plea, and yet failed to show up for their sentencing. This program was launched last year, and involves distributing mugshots of those who are due to serve their sentence. A $250 reward is offered to people who can provide a tip on locating the wanted man or woman, who are sometimes even captured at their home. People with tips on anyone on the Most Wanted list can call SHASCOM at 530-245-6540, or the Secret Witness of Shasta County at 530-243-2319, or via their website at

The success rate has typically been about 70 percent captured, some on the same day or within a couple of days of the media release of the names and photos. The capture of the landmark 100th Most Wanted Criminal was not so easy however.

Happier times - Mike McCarley in a Facebook image

Happier times – Mike McCarley in a Facebook image

40-year-old Michael Edward McCarley appeared on the Most Wanted list in September of 2013. He had been charged with burglary and convicted, yet failed to appear for sentencing. After five months, he was finally located in Redding near the intersection of Hamilton Street and Freebridge Street. He was re-booked and will face sentencing once again, and face additional charges for failure to appear.

McCarley had a difficult year in 2012. It was reported that he had been struggling with drug addiction and seeking rehab assistance. He apparently began a program and had some success, however. He even posted a Facebook message in May saying “I havent done any drugs for thirty days people Im starting to get fat again. lol.”

His struggles, however, continued and by the end of July he was arrested for robbery, theft and brandishing a knife. He had stolen merchandise from Sportsman’s Warehouse on Hilltop Drive, and when someone tried to stop him, he then pulled a knife. He fled, but witnesses followed, and he was detained by deputies from Lassen County who happened to be at Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant. A comment on the story on KRCR by his ex-wife detailed his struggles to get help for his substance abuse issues.

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