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Suspected Heroin Dealer rode his scooter to a Jail Cell

Photo: Mohamed H. Ahmed EMERYVILLE — Police nabbed an alleged heroin dealer last weekend as he rode his scooter around a parking lot. He carried a loaded firearm and a


Two arrested for obstruction, drug possession in Jamestown

ABOVE: Photo taken during traffic stop (Tuolumne County Sheriff) JAMESTOWN // A traffic stop turned physical and ended with arrests for drug possession and obstruction on the evening of March


Ridgecrest Chase Ends With One in Custody

The incident started here RIDGECREST — The man who led police on a wild car chase through the streets of Ridgecrest last week ended in his arrest, for the second

Los Angeles

Friend Gets $10,000 Bail for Defending Friend’s “Disorderly Conduct” at $250

HAWTHORNE, CA—Some friends indeed are friends in need–or so it may seem when it comes to one getting arrested for a pithy charge and his friend jumping in and getting

Santa Barbara

Jail Guards Indicted in Assault

Santa Barbara – With his re-election campaign about to go into high gear, the timing for Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown could not be less auspicious, with the April 12th

Los Angeles

Cosmetologist Makes a Mark

INGLEWOOD, CA—Her career concerns making faces but do you want her making this kind of mark? Malissa Ann Wilson Sargent, 37, was picked up by Inglewood Police Department on Sunday,


4 Arrested After Struggle With Police

Three men and one woman were arrested on suspicion of obstruction, resisting arrest and a warrant after a scuffle with Napa Police. Napans Miriam Margarita Hernandez, 44, Felipe DeJesus Hernandez,

San Diego

Man Arrested, Accused of Pointing Laser Beam at Sheriff’s Helicopter

Police arrested a La Mesa man early Saturday after they spotted him pointing a laser beam at a San Diego County Sheriffs Department helicopter. Two deputies were flying over the

San Benito

Hollister Man Refuses to Leave Woman’s Property

Fought with Officers HOLLISTER—Hollister Authorities used pepper spray and a TASER on 34-year-old Hollister resident Ubaldo Deleon after he refused to leave a women’s property and fought with officers. On

San Bernardino Solano

Man turns petty theft into felony charges

Vacaville – Jeffrey Scott Chavez, 28, of San Bernardino was attempting to evade police last Thursday when he drove straight into a light pole instead. Around 10:30 Thursday morning police