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24,000+ Marijuana Plants Destroyed

Police photos of confiscated marijuana LAKE COUNTY – In the past two weeks the Lake County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit discovered two separate marijuana grow sites near the Napa county line.


Shooting Leads to Cannabis Arrest

SLPD display pic of Wengate Street marijuana grow SAN LEANDRO – While responding to 911 calls reporting gunfire at 2:45 a.m. Sunday, San Leandro police found an illegal marijuana growing

San Bernardino

Shots Fired, Marijuana Discovered, Suspect Turned Over to Homeland Security

SAN BERNARDINO – San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies, alerted to a scene where over 20 gunshots were heard, discovered an outdoor marijuana growth operation. Luis Alfonso Quezada, 33, of San


Pot Farmer Arrested in Oakhurst

A man was arrested in Oakhurst following the discovery of a marijuana grow on Oakhurst. According to the official media report released by the Madera County Department of Corrections, 56-year-old


Police Bust Suspected Pot Grower in Fountain Valley Neighborhood

Fountain Valley police arrested a 56-year-old man after allegedly finding 31 pot plants on his property. After executing a search warrant Tuesday, investigators from the Fountain Valley Police Department found


500 Plants Seized in Grow House Bust

EASTVALE – After following up on a tip, police uncovered another large-scale marijuana grow house and shut down the operation. Arrests continue this year in the small town of Eastvale


Try to Make Marijuana Oil and You Might Get Burned

Merced- On Thursday May 23rd Merced Police and Merced City Fire responded to the 1200 block of Aspen for an explosion to an occupied residence. Michael Branham, 38 was arrested and

Headline Story Solano

Baby gator sent to protective services after couple busted for drugs and weapons

Vacaville – A traffic stop in Modesto on January 31, led Vacaville police to arrest Lori Lynn Riley, 34, and William Anthony Riley, 37, both of Fairfield. It also turned