500 Plants Seized in Grow House Bust

Bad Quoc Tran

EASTVALE – After following up on a tip, police uncovered another large-scale marijuana grow house and shut down the operation.

Arrests continue this year in the small town of Eastvale as Police Department’s Special Enforcement team with the City of Eastvale’s Code Enforcement to combat the recent trend of residential indoor marijuana grow operations. The discovery of an alleged grow house this month is just one of several operations which have been shut down this year in the city.

While working on an ongoing investigation related to other illegal marijuana growing operations, police responded to a tip regarding new information on a previously unknown grow house. After further investigation, a search warrant was obtained and served on May 31 at 9:30 p.m. at a residence. Upon serving the notice, officers detained one suspect inside the residence and a second in the backyard when he attempted to flee.

Dung Tri Nguyen

Inside the residence, officers discovered and seized 500 marijuana plants and two ounces of processed marijuana. Additionally, approximately $5,300 of electricity a month was being stolen through bypassing a meter. Bad Quoc Tran 32 of Eastvale and Dung Tri Nguyen 31 of Stanton were both arrested for alleged conspiracy, cultivation of marijuana and grand theft of utilities.

Residents on Camp Rock Avenue in Eastvale likely had no idea there was a huge marijuana grow in their neighborhood.

Local authorities continue to try to squelch the illegal grow activities in the local area and have enlisted the public’s help. In a press release the Eastvale Police Department gave residents specific information on how to spot grow houses in their neighborhood. Lieutenant David Knudson noted that tell-tales signs include, “windows that are covered from the interior, lights and televisions on timers, subjects moving in commercial grade electrical equipment during the late night or early morning hours, no signs of normal residential occupation, and the smell of marijuana emitting from the home.”

Police request that residents report incidents by calling Deputy Javier Morando at the Jurupa Valley Station at (951) 955-2600 or the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s dispatch center at (951) 776-1099

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