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Christmas Eve Arrest of Privacy Invader

Photo: Juventino Jesus Miranda Cardona  December 27, 2021 – Ventura County, Ca. Just when you might think that the current Covid resurgence might encourage people to maintain social distancing protocols…just

San Bernardino

High School Assistant Coach Arrested After Setting Up Hidden Camera In Girls’ Restroom

Photo: David Riden An assistant coach at Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga has been arrested for invasion of privacy after putting a hidden camera in the female student


Man films people using bathroom in home

Photo: Gary Canalez A call came in to the Kings County Sheriff’s Office on February 23 about a man who had recorded people in a home using the bathroom. A


Peeping Tom arrested in Petaluma

Photo: Kendall Handen-Keys For some reason a man positioned a cellphone in a store’s restroom to face the toilet, says the Petaluma Police Department – “Petaluma Police Department officers investigated


Maintenance Man Accused of Making Secret Videos of Woman Showering

Photo: Thomas Marshall NOVATO — A maintenance man was arrested last weekend on suspicion of secretly making video recordings of a woman, while she was taking her shower. The suspect,

San Bernardino

Teacher Arrested for Annoying, Invasion of Privacy

Photo: John Martin Sheldon RIVERSIDE – A student at Riverside Preparatory Middle School went to a school administrator and reported suspicious behavior from a teacher. The student observed 27-year-old John